"Hana displays an exceptional range, enormous creativity and sensitivity and beautiful storytelling. Her content makes for uncomfortable, moving, thought-provoking listening: everything audio should be. Hana Walker-Brown is a highly gifted story teller and sound-smith. Her productions use a range of subtle techniques, approaches and textures that always honour the subject matter and her work is rooted in the best tradition of radio feature making but effortlessly incorporates the dynamism and new aesthetics of podcasting. Through her work, she is a fearless and passionate advocate of audio as a powerful medium for any story in this visual age"


I'm Hana.

I’m an award-winning documentary maker, sound composer, audio producer and writer based in London. 

Which basically means I tell stories. 

Really good stories. 

Making documentaries has granted me unprecedented access into the deepest, darkest depths of human beings and their lives.

It has taken me across continents to some of the most incredible and frankly, some of the most fucked up places in the world.

Its a real privilege; sitting down with a stranger and speaking until we are no longer strangers.

Holding a space for someone into which they can just talk; freely, openly. 

Because some stories cannot be left untold.

And the truth is, I find human beings more fascinating, more exciting, more fulfilling than anything else on the planet and I have been touched, altered, inspired and broken by a lot of them.

So I decided to share some of those stories with you.  

In the hope it might leave you altered too.