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True Stories Conference 2019 Amsterdam

The 9th True Stories conference in Amsterdam on narrative journalism, will join boundary-breaking journalists from all over the globe, to examine how we can use our storytelling tools to navigate a fragmented landscape of narrative bubbles.

In these times marked by protests, polarizing politics and prejudice; storytelling can bring us together or drive us apart. But how can we invite our audiences to listen rather than judge. And what can we gain from pushing the boundaries of our role as journalists?

This year’s conference will include masterclasses, panel discussions and some incredible speakers. Amongst them we have writer & educator Mimi Lok (Voices of Witness), documentary maker Hana Walker Brown (These Roads), photographer Anastasia Taylor Lind and journalist Thomas Rueb (Laura H.).

Leaving Neverland director Dan Reed will close this years True Stories with a lecture on Saturday May 18th.

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Masterclass: Hana Walker-Brown on Establishing Intimacy

On Establishing Intimacy Master Class at Copenhagen Radio Cinema Festival

Københavns Radiobiograf Festival 2019 is inviting upcoming as well as experienced radio producers to share their skills and knowledge for a one day Master Class led by three amazing sound artists and storytelling magicians - Jeff Emtman (US), Hana Walker-Brown (UK) and Mooj Zadie (US).

They will introduce us to their ideas, theories, tips and tricks on how to work with your audio stories. The producers will discuss and teach interview technique, narration and intimacy in storytelling. Our Master Classes are for the level of beginners to advanced. You can pick your favorite, or stay all day and get new ideas from outside of the Danish radio pond.

In our visual world, the audio/radio format still remains one of the most intimate ways of expression. Intimacy is an inherent trait of documentary and storytelling. Vital to establish and to explore as we venture out into very different worlds. This Master Class will unpack the establishing of intimacy before, during and after the creative making process. Intimacy within the space between the world of the doc maker (and ultimately the listener’s world) and that of the story. Touching on playfulness and friendship, technology, trust and meaning and the challenges and insights that can be drawn from that experience.

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Københavns Radiobiograf Festival 2019 Opening Show


It is with great pride that Copenhagen Radio Cinema Festival 2019 opens April 11th with three live performances from three of the most interesting and talented new voices that the international scene of audio storytelling and sound art has to offer!

Experience Phoebe Wang (US), Hana Walker-Brown (UK) and Mooj Zadie (US) live on stage in the historical movie theater Dagmar Biograf. Here, the artists will perform three unique audio works, two of them world premiering on this evening, that explore and challenge the scope between fiction and reality, between sound art and performance art and that examine the intimacy, sensibility and curiosity emerging when space, art, and audience meet in one shared experience.

Show starts at 19.00
The event is in english

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